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employees struggle with chronic MSK.

employees experience mental health challenges.

combined cost of presenteeism or mental health and MSK.

combined cost of absenteeism or mental health and MSK.

*current cost analysis is based on average salary of $50,000

Dynamic and holistic digital health programs.

Through our progressive platform, we address the top cost-driving health conditions affecting the workplace today.


Mental Health

Meltal Health
Quick Facts

50% of adults are diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime.

57% of adults with a mental health condition did not receive professional services in the last year.

Mental health challenges and chronic disease risk factors often co-occur: 73% of individuals with depression and 60% of those with anxiety also suffer from a MSK problem.

Sarjan Results
Quick Facts

Program participants reduce anxiety and depression by 50%+ and 40%+, respectively.

Cost savings per participant are over $6,000 with significant improvements in mental health and productivity.

Musculoskeletal conditions
Quick Facts

Half of North American adults are affected by a musculoskeletal condition which lasts longer than 3 months.

Chronic MSK conditions are the largest cost drivers for employers, averaging an outlay of $1 in every $6 of medical and pharmacy budgets.

Sarjan Results
Quick Facts

Program participants reduce their pain by 40%+.

Program participants reduce their surgery intent by 50%+.

Cost savings per participant are $5300 with significant improvements in pain, mental health and productivity.

It’s not a quick fix – it’s a long-term change in behaviour.

Our program supplies you with the technology and tools you need to build and maintain new healthy habits in your daily life. The end results are life-changing outcomes at scale.

Depending on your program, get a welcome package equipped with a tablet, computer or HRV monitor.

Stay motivated, feel supported, get your questions answered and connect with your very own coach equipped with real-time data.

Engage with likeminded participants to fuel your motivation and further your progress.

From relaxation techniques and stretches right through to the nitty gritty statistics, learn everything you need to know about your condition.

Tailored to you, personalized details help you make achievements in the short and long term.

Your trusted health partner.

Full service, customized to your company.

To launch your program at scale, Sarjan provides a free dedicated team. Our custom-tailored communication and enrollment campaign inspires interest and boosts signups.

Targeting the right people.

Through our specialized campaigns, we focus on the most vulnerable population within your company: those suffering from pain, anxiety or depression.


We focus on the numbers. Our digital health programs deliver meaningful outcomes and excellent ROI for your stakeholders.

It’s all about the results

You only pay us if we succeed in delivering real, noticeable and tangible health improvements in your employees’ lives.

Tackling costly, chronic MSK at Caesars Windsor.

In 12 weeks, Sarjan’s digital health program:


Reduced participant pain by 51%.


Reduced participant surgery intent by 36%.


Saved the company $5,345 per year, per participant in medical costs.


Generated active participant engagement 3 times a day.

Change the course of your company.

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