One platform, multiple programs.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Designed with the overall wellbeing of the end user in mind, our digital health programs achieve lasting behaviour changes for maximized participant success. Results may vary.

Pain Reduction


Surgery Intent






One platform, multiple programs.

Through our progressive platform, we address the top cost-driving health conditions affecting the workplace today.


Mental Health

Mental Health

50% of North American adults are diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime. 57% of adults with a mental health condition did not receive professional services in the last year.

Plus, mental health challenges and chronic disease risk factors often co-occur: 73% of individuals with depression and 60% of those with anxiety also suffer from a MSK problem.

How Sarjan makes an impact
On average:

Reduce participant anxiety by 50%+

Decrease participant depression by 50%+

Cost savings per participant: $5,300 + improvements in pain, mental health and productivity

Mental Health

50% of North American adults suffer from a musculoskeletal condition that has lasted longer than 3 months.

This is the largest health cost driver for employers, accounting for $1 of every $6 in their medical and pharmacy budget.

How Sarjan makes an impact
On average:

Reduce participant pain by 40%+

Decrease participant surgery intent by 50%+

Cost savings per participant: $5,300 + improvements in pain, mental health and productivity

A program with all the right tools for success.

As you make positive changes to your daily routine for the long-term, improved overall health becomes apparent. Sarjan makes it easy by empowering you with the information, guidance and resources you need to succeed.

Participants get a welcome package with a tablet, computer or HRV monitor for their program.

Support, motivation and real time data, every participant has a dedicated coach.

Participants gain access to information that tells them everything they need to know about their condition.

Designed to promote progress both short and long term, each participant receives regular program updates.

Participants gain personalized insights on their progress to help them achieve their goals in the short and long term.

Fully integrate with any health plan.

No limits, no restrictions – new and innovative digital health programs add benefit and deliver unparalleled impact.

Commercial Fully Insured Plans

Transformational clinical outcomes for the most vulnerable population.

Drastic reduction in medical costs (including opioids).

Ability to offer cutting-edge, evidence-based programs to plan members.


Targeted outcome-based solutions for employer partners.

A new and innovative way to save on costs.

Empowered to retain and onboard new employers with a digital health solution.

You pay only if we deliver.

With Sarjan, there are no flat fees or charges for implementation and non-participants. We want to bring you real results and lasting change. This is why you only pay if your participants achieve clinically significant outcomes. (And we know they will.)

  • Reduction in Pain.
  • Reduction in surgery likeliness.
  • Reduction in Anxiety and Depression.

Many people have experienced Sarjan’s programs. Hear what they have to say.

I have definitely learned the tools needed to hopefully avoid surgery for many years. Also, the support I received along the way from my Sarjan Health coach was amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Sarjan Health program.

Sarjan Health helped me return to an active lifestyle without pain. The exercises helped strengthen the muscles around my knee and my coach has been invaluable. I’m once again able to go for hikes in the countryside and play with my children.

The program helped my pain and improved my mental approach to health & wellness. There are days when I’d rather not do my exercises but knowing my coach is watching gives me extra motivation.

Engage more members and cut the rising cost of chronic conditions.

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