An Affordable and
Accessible Program

A 12-week online health program that equips you with everything you need to tackle musculoskeletal disorder today and in the long term.

The Program: Let's Break It Down

The Essentials

Upon signing up,we deliver smart technology directly to you so we can provide high touch care at scale.

Artificial Intelligence
Guided Therapy

We use AI to increase the quality of care you receive and to make every new element exciting to learn. Cutting edge AI-powered motion tracking and correction technology allows us to deliver personalized therapy that really works.

Full Time Health Coach

You’re supported by a full-time health coach who monitors your progress along the way and gives you timely feedback when you need it.

Online Support Group

Musculoskeletal disorders are painful and isolating. You’re matched with like-minded online peer groups for added encouragement and accountability.

Interactive Curriculum

Over 12 weeks, you’re guided through online health sessions that tackle the physical, social and psychological components of your condition.

Lasting Habits

When you finish the program, you continue to receive support as long as you need it so you can maintain the healthy lifestyle changes you’ve already started.

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Convenient for YOU

Our program is designed to fit with your lifestyle, your schedule and your daily habits. There's no need to spend time and money with a physical therapist. And forget about searching aimlessly online to find answers about your conditions. Instead, enjoy guided program that delivers exercise routines, useful information and a personal coach you can interact with.

What's in it for you

Our program is designed not only to help you deal with your day-to-day pains and discomforts, but also to inspire and motivate a new lifestyle that makes you feel your best.

You're Minutes Away of a Major Life Change!

You're only 1 click away of the biggest and most positive change in your life!
Remember how it was not to feel pain? Remember How it was to feel young and be able to do all kind of things, without limits? Well, you can have that again, it's at your fingertips!
Let's start right now, you only need to want it!

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